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Karmic Ripples

Part one explores what the Moon's Nodes can tell us about Karma and the lessons that we are learning in the present life time.
The second part focuses on the 12th House and what it can tell us about past lives and the lessons we are meant to be learning in the present.

If you'd like to obtain a copy of this talk, please contact me.

  A recording of this lecture is now available.

Jupiter and The Nature of Belief

Jupiter has always been considered to be lucky. In the birth chart it shows us what we believe, where we put our faith and why. But Jupiter is about a work in progress. It shows us what we aspire to be but where we might fall short. In this talk Ana will consider how we are living up to our beliefs, as well as how our beliefs may be holding us back. Understanding Jupiter is to understand how to liberate our souls.

In 2009, Ana attended the Healing seminar to give a talk on Astrology and the Power of Myth in Healing.

Astrology Lodge London
Above- Ana and Melanie Reinhart
Since then, Melanie has given two interviews on Lightways.
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