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The College was Founded in 1884. It is one of the oldest establishments of its kind. It is progressive in that it explores new developments and educational methods, to continue the College's influential and distinguished history. It holds many different courses, talks and workshops on different spiritual subjects.

I often do Workshops and give talks at the College of Psychic Studies. I'm also there once a month with clients on a one-to-one basis. You can either book an appointment for an Astrological reading or for Hypnotherapy.

Dates One-To-One Appointments: 23rd and 31st of January, 6th and 28th of February, 6th and 28th of March.

Karmic Astrology- An Appointment with Fate

This talk is about how an Astrology chart can be read from a Karmic perspective, looking at the Moon’s Nodes, Pre-natal Eclipses. Past Lives and Life Between Life was were also discussed.

Talk- Karma And The Journey of the Soul-
In this talk I explain the function of the Moon's Nodes and the 12th House as indicator's of the lessons we are learning in our lives. I also talk about past life regressions and reincarnation. Here is the lecture. I hope you enjoy it!

The Mind Body Connection- In this talk I explored the way in which our feelings influence how we feel physically. If you are interested in a copy of the video, please let me know.

How much control do you have over your body and your health? Is it possible to manage pain through Hypnosis? In this talk I answered these questions and showed just how the mind body connection works.

Finding Your Voice

In this workshop I worked with a wonderful group of people wrestling with varying degrees of shyness. In the first half of the day I worked with their birth charts helping them get a sense of what was holding them back. In the second half I worked with Hypnosis to help them start on the path to change.

Here is the feedback:

" I had a wonderful time at this workshop. It exceeded my expectations. Ana has a really warm personality, professional and gentle and she managed to keep the class engaging for all, despite the difference in skill level. I am interested in working with her privately because of this workshop. Thank-you."

"I have attended many workshops and lectures at the College and this was the best one by far. Ana put in so much work, preparation and has such great perception. The workshop was constructive and very useful. I will certainly recommend this workshop to others."

"Really enjoyed it. Got a lot out of it. Understood that a horoscope chart can help you become more aware of your issues/gifts/challenges and can help you work through things. Was exciting and upbeat. Thanks."

"Enjoyed the day. Good content, right number of participants. Excellent presenter! Thank-you."

"Ana was very good with worksheets and analysing everyone's astrological charts. She is excellent in explaining personal issues. Excellent workshop."

"Excellent content. Excellent presenter. Wonderful day."

Personal Alchemy- March 2012

In this workshop we looked at the birth chart to find our fears. We worked on understanding their origin and the way in which they stop us from achieving inner peace and personal success. Finally we considered how to best move forward.

Here is the feedback:

"Thoroughly enjoyable- very professional, expert and warm."

"Extremely good- lot of content, individual application and assessing. Excellent Presenter."

"Excellent workshop. Ana Isabel is a master of Astrology and the teaching of it."

"Always enjoy Ana's workshops, ould like to attend more of these."

Channeling Your Inner Power- How Astrology Can Help-
October- 2011

In this workshop we will look at the birth chart to gain an understanding of our own inner power and how it can be released to generate creativity and spirituality.

Here is the feedback:

"This workshop was very informative, interesting and fun. I learnt lots of new insights into my chart and how to move into the next steps in my creative power. The lecture length  was very good and filled in lots of information. Thank-you."

"Perfect content. Maybe an earlier finish."

"Very interesting. Helped discover myself and what drives me."

"Very interesting."

On the 15th of April, I took part in the College's Open Day and gave a talk entitled, Tuning Into The Moon. If you missed it, here it is. I hope it will inspire you!

Tuning Into The Moon- Part 1-


Tuning Into The Moon Part 2-

Many people associate power with controlling others and consequently see it as something negative. This means that they often fear being powerful because they are afraid of becoming bad. The consequences are failure to set clear boundaries and often feeling victimised or invaded by others. In this workshop we will look at the birth chart to gain an understanding of our own inner power and how it can be released to generate creativity and spirituality. No previous knowledge of Astrology is necessary.

Ana is an Astrologer who is regularly broadcasts on BBC radio and writes for the internet magazine Ana is currently exploring how to combine dramatherapy and Astrology to help unblock repressed aspects of our personality.

ned to the College of Psychic Studies to give a lecture and workshop in July.


The Lecture: The Power of Myth, Storytelling and Astrology in Healing 


This lecture is an introduction to the links between healing and myth in Ancient Greece.

Ana looks at Jungs work on myth and links to the Collective Unconscious,

observing how dreams are a symbolic language of the unconscious drawing on archetypes found in myth.

She explores the ways in which we use stories in everyday life to relieve stress and how fantasy in books,

film and TV, are linked to dreams, holding clues to unconscious drives and complexes.

She shows that Astrology embodies myth which can help us better understand ourselves and heal past wounds.


This lecture is now available on CD for 5.



On the 11 October 2008 (Saturday)

Ana will be doing a workshop Exploring Astrological Family Trees

One of the most fascinating discoveries that students make when they start examining their familys charts

is how often patterns repeat themselves. This workshop will explore those patterns.

The aim is to understand what they mean in terms of inherited traits, family patterns of behaviour and patterns of circumstance.

The question then becomes, given these patterns how do we nurture our individuality and that of our children?

Through understanding the links, we can also understand the differences and this will help us develop greater understanding

of family dynamics and the individuals within it. This is also an opportunity to understand the role our families have played

in our development and how we can identify facets that we want to build on and facets which we need to shed.

No previous knowledge of Astrology is necessary.



On the 2 November 2008 (Sunday)

Ana will be doing a workshop on Astrology, Karma and the Journey of the Soul

Following from the workshop on The Journey of the Soul and Astrology where we only began to scratch the surface,

looking at old wounds (Chiron) and the lessons we are meant to be learning in this life ( the Moons Nodes);

in this workshop, we will continue to explore the links between Astrology and Karma.

We will focus on the 12th House as an indicator of pre-birth experiences.

There is increasing evidence that our time in the womb is significant.

By looking at the 12th House we gain an understanding of what was happening whilst in an embryonic state.

Crucially, along with Retrograde planets and prenatal eclipses, this house can also begin to offer us further clues

about past life experiences, putting into context the reasons why we are learning the lessons we are meant to learn.

No previous knowledge of Astrology is necessary.




The College of Psychic Studies

16 Queensberry Place,

London SW7 2EB, UK

020 7589 3292020 7589 3292



The first workshop on the Karma and the Journey of the Soul took place last spring.

Here is what participants wrote as feedback.


Everything went really well. Really enjoyable day.


Course facilitator


This has been a fantastic workshop about learning about one-self and Astrology.

Ana is a clear, organised, objective teacher that provides a warm, safe environment to discuss and learn.


Vanathi T.


I came to learn about myself and I did, everyone should do this course.

It helps everyone to know how they tick and helps on our spiritual life.


C. Palmer


As usual, fascinating workshop, really insightful but short of time.

Maybe this could be done in two parts?


Soraya Badar


Very good presentation. I appreciate Ana's preparation of individuals' charts.


G. Paine


The Presenter is warm, friendly. She manages/ controls workshop very well in a loving and kind way.

She is very giving of her attention and tries to ensure she gives her attention out equally.

Her knowledge is very good and she imparts that knowledge in a very accessable way.

Looking forward to a follow up workshop to thisone to develop the information given.


Helen Josue


It was so refreshing that I decided to widen my knowledge of Astrology.

If we can have a part two to this one, it would be great.


W. Ghandour


Outstanding. Really inspiring.


Trevor Hines


Ana is always insightful, intuitive and inspiring.

Her presence and presentation is both commanding but compassionate

and her teaching space wlecomes open and honest sharing of life on a level that always

benetifs the self and those around you. She's fabulous, and Astrology is addictive!


Katrina Corner


Very interesting by an excellent and knowledgeable teacher.


Elizabeth Cura




Last autumn Ana also did two workshops for the College.


Mars and Assertiveness- Find The Power Within You and  another on Venus and Relationships.


Here is what the participants said of their experience of the Venus workshop.


Ana is so inspirational and engaging that a whole day seems to fly by in minutes!

The day has been varied and well backed up with resources and informative and well presented work sheets.

Ana uses accessible language and relates her work to everyday situations. Today has been fantastic Thank you


Katrina Corner


Very inspirational.


Matty Paarlberg


Very interesting, very deep, very well managed. Astrology is fascinating and its enjoyable to study a

planet in depth.


Diane Miller


The workshop had a good structure. Ana kept it moving always.

Ana has a wonderful ability to analyze on the spot and give insightful and healing individual advice.


Zoe Lamaera


The workshop was well structured and moved at a good pace considering there was so much to cover.

Could probably be run over two days.


Soraya Badar


Very interesting, inspiring and insightful.


Carole Ray


Great energy all day. Ana is a wonderful teacher and healer.


Yvon Quiban



Feedback for the Mars Workshop was also very positive.


It was a very interesting and informative day, particulaly because I haven't had any experience with

Astrology before.It was an excellent day.




Very good, very clear. A good listener and presenter.




Ana is a fantastic, intuitive, insightful and extremely tactful in all circumstances. A truly wonderful teacher.













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