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March sees the beginning of Spring. Even before the Equinox, we begin to feel winter losing it's grip. It's a gradual process as sometimes it feels wintery, while on other days the sun shines with the promise of spring. This is the meeting, or blending of two seasons and you can see it reflected in the Astrological positions of the moment.

We start the month with the Sun in Pisces and Mercury in Aquarius. These are signs of winter. Both are idealistic signs. Aquarius is full of ideas and Pisces is full of dreams. Mercury goes into Pisces on the 14th. Venus and Mars, however, are in the spring sign of Aries. This means that while a part of you is ready and eager for action, there may still be some emotional holding back. A feeling that you're not quite ready. This may change around the Equinox when the Sun and Moon unite in Aries. This now means that action is on the cards.

Venus' mood changes as she moves into Taurus on the 18th. This is a time for consolidating and working at something you want. It's also a time for sensuality and enjoyment of the good things in life. At this time of year, you really do want to stop and smell the blossom!

Whatever you're doing this month, I hope the blessing of spring are on you! Remember that this is a general outlook of the planets placings. If you'd like a personal look at your chart, feel free to contact me for a reading.

Week of the 9th March


It’s time to slow down and take stock. This may be enforced through a bad cold or just feeling run down in the next few weeks. Instead of waiting to have to take time out, give yourself the time you need. Meanwhile, if you do find yourself in bed with a cold, take the time to think through all the different strands of your life. This is a great point for making sense of it all.



The social continues over the next month. Your social calendar is more active than usual. It’s a great time to see old friends and make new ones. This is the best time for networking. If you’ve been thinking about joining a club or group, do it now. You’ll enjoy the new connections. Socialising and networking now will help boost your confidence.



It’s still all about your career over the next month. You are focused and determined to shine. Efforts you put in now do not go unnoticed.



Your  mood for adventure is not abating! It’s still a great time to travel but if you can’t , you may want to book a trip now. You’re in the mood for something new. If you’re not in a position to travel, it’s a great time to find a course or a workshop which introduces you to new ideas. Expanding your world at this time, stops life from becoming stale.




The emphasis is continues to be about feeling sexy and powerful. It’s a great time to make sure that you’re having some romantic time. The spotlight is also on joint resources. Ensuring that your finances are under control is very empowering.



The emphasis continues to be on relationships. You are focused on ensuring that everything is fair between you and others. It’s time to listen to the other side of every story to ensure balance.



The focus continues to be on work and being organised. With spring on the horizon, you may feel like a spring clean! It’s about clearing the decks in order to make space for something new. This is more than just thinking about a new wardrobe. There may be things that are part of your routine which have lost their meaning and appeal. If you can tweak and refine your routine, you may find more time to do things which hold more meaning for you.



Fun and recreation continue to be very important. You’re still in no mood to work. It’s all about self-expression, so make sure that you give yourself the time to start a new hobby, be physically active, or generally just have a great time. Your libido is also high. If you can have weekend get-away, do it! Enjoy!



The spot light is still on home and family. It may be that you just feel like hibernating. This is a great time to be at home. You want to spend time with loved ones. In fact, you may find that they need you during this period.



There continues to be an emphasis on communication in the next month. This is especially important with regard to siblings or neighbours. You may be required to act compassionately but take care that you’re generosity is not being abused. Make sure that all communication is clear and if you’re not sure about something check. Your gut feeling may just be right.



The focus is still on money. You want to push ahead to make sure that you have what you feel you deserve. It could mean wanting to work harder towards achieving a particular goal. However it works, the real aim is to ensure that you’re being treated fairly.



Your personal spring begins now with the Sun in your sign. If you’ve been feeling under the weather, lacking in energy of a little withdrawn, it’s time to come out now. The next few weeks will bring you more energy. It’s a great time to push ahead with new ideas. It’s also a great time to be physically active. Some long walks could be just what’s needed.



Remember that Horoscopes simply give a general flavour for what is happening at a given time. If you'd like a personal understanding what what's happening to you, it is best to have private reading.
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