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This is my latest project. A radio programme designed to help you understand how your mind works and how you can develop healthier attitudes. Many of my guests are experts in the area of Mental Health. Many also look at this aspect of life from a Spiritual Perspective too. Whether it's Soul Retrieval, Past Lives, Mindfulness, Acceptance or the latest Science about how the brain works, they all share their unique perspectives and skills to help you gain the tools you need to live a healthier, happier and more peaceful life.

This month on Mind Matters:

This month's interviews are especially stimulating.  I talk to Holistic Practitioner, clinical social worker and Reiki Master, Deborah Lloyd. In this interview, she talks about her book Believe and It is True- A Story of Healing and Life Lessons. This is an inspiring interview exploring how energy healing works.
Felicity Warner is one of the most inspiring people I've spoken to. She is a Soul Midwife and founder of the Soul Midwife Movement. She is a lecturer, teacher and author of two acclaimed books - Gentle Dying, and A Safe Journey Home. Her third publication is, the Soul Midwives' Handbook. In this interview she reveals what a soul midwife is, as well as discussing why it matters that we all have a peaceful death.

As this is an internet Radio Show, you can listen any time you like!

Past Guests

Andrew Jenkins is a coach, mentor, pre­senter and teacher of new thinking. He works to help leaders, managers and executives to perform at their very best in many well-known organisations across the world. In this interview he talks about different ways in which you can light the inner spark that will lead you to living a happier life, fulfilling your potential.

David Allen is a therapist who has devised a unique programme helping those who have trouble controlling their drinking. In his book, The Sophisticated Alcoholic, David aims to explain what it is to be an alcoholic and how what he calls ‘the silent majority’ can regain control over drinking.

Hypnotherapist Dr. John Butler explains how Hypnotherapy works and how it can help you heal both the body and the mind. He also shares his views on Past Life Regression.

Astrologer and Past Life Therapist, Judy Hall talks about past lives and how a better understanding of Individual Karma can help attain inner peace.

Jules Standish is a Colour Counsellor with a difference. In this interview she explains how colour is an energy in itself and how you an learn to use it to enhance your moods, help express yourself and generally feel more in line with the real you.

Tom Evans
is a Mindfulness Trainer and Temporal Alchemist. Tom is running a course designed to help us with our very busy lives- It’s called Manage Your Time With Mindfulness.

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