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Past Life Therapy

There is a great deal of curiosity about Past Lives. There are also many misconceptions. Not everyone discovers that they were Cleopatra. Most of my clients regress to lives which are relevant to issues they are currently struggling with. Some lives are traumatic, others are more ordinary, but they all leave a mark.

Before incarnation, a soul chooses a set of circumstances to be born into. These are designed to help the soul to grow. Although not everything in your life was planned, the family you grew up in certainly was. This sets up a blue print of challenges and supportive principles which determine your beliefs and outlook on life. If you decided to become a musician in this life, you may have found it helpful to incarnate into a family of musicians. On the other hand, if you wanted to be a musician and also have the experience of having to fight to be an individual, you may have incarnated into a family whose religion frowned on music. Every one is different and the challenges that we choose combined with the resources we make available serve to weave and intricate tapestry full of surprising details. 

Past life regressions should not be taken lightly. Curiosity is not a good enough reason to do this. Often clients choose to have Past Life Regressions in order to understand the reason for certain difficult patterns that they can't understand. They feel blocked. Where the answers can't be found in their experiences in this life, the root of their problem can lie in a previous existence. This is because they have brought into this life fears or beliefs which although unrelated to their plan for this life, could be casting a shadow over what they are now trying to do. In other words, a subconscious memory or imprint of that previous life remains like a discordant note interfering with their present life's plan.

In such cases, Past Life Therapy helps clear out beliefs or feelings which are proving counter-productive in the present. Other times Past Life Regressions can help an individual understand their Soul's purpose. Issues of Karma are highlighted and understood.
It is always an honour and a privilege to work with clients at this deep level and help them create more positive Karma for the future.

Past Life Therapy Sessions are two hours long and are £100.

Here is what one of my clients has to say about her experience.

"Although I believe the mind is very powerful and can change our world, this did not prepare me for the lasting affect Hypnosis with Ana had, it seemed to work on me in very subtle way, changing and lifting the effects of old limitations.   For example,  after a past life regression, which was revealing and enjoyable I did not anticipate the affect in would have in lifting my fear of death and dying.  I don’t think I even realised until after how heavy the fear was.  I would not trust many people to do this, however with Ana you feel at ease.  Thank you Ana."

June King, London

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