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Ana Isabel is running Monthly Study groups introducing  the subject of Astrology and  also further study to a higher level.  Ana now has study groups meeting once a month doing workshops at different levels.

Ana has a group  focusing on the Aspects between the planets.

Ana also several groups learning about prediction through transits. This group is also consolidating their experience of chart interpretation by doing practice readings on volunteers.

An advanced group is practicing doing forecasts using Transits for volunteers and is also developing their understanding of Eclipses and Progressions.

In all groups, participants learn the process of creating and understanding an Astrological Chart by a thorough grounding in the elements of Astrology and by developing their own Birth Chart ! 

Workshops are organised every month in the South London area. Each one runs from 10 am to 4 pm or from 11am to 5pm, usually at weekends, but others days can also be arranged for group bookings.

If you are a beginner, Ana is offering a one to one courses. In 6 lessons you will learn about the Elements, Modalities, the 12 Signs, the Ascendant, Descendant, Midheaven, Nadir and the Planets. You will have a sound understanding of the meaning of the Planets in each of the signs. You will also have begun on the journey of understanding your own chart. The course comprises of approximately 30 lectures roughly an hour each, notes, exercises and 6 one and a half hour- 2 hour lessons in which you will discuss the tasks as well as your own chart and those of others with Ana. The lessons are designed to consolidate what you have learned in the lectures and to help you to practice what you have learned. 

A further course is also available on the 12 Houses and the planets within them.

Each lesson is £50



Please contact Ana if you would like more information or would like to join a study group.


"Ana's astrology workshops are excellent. She uses varied and very practical activities, real life applications, and riveting story telling, as well as giving precise insights into parts of my life which were confused. It's all done in a very relaxed and friendly way

Ana' passion for Astrology is infectious. In a world that doesn't make sense much of the time it is wonderful to find something that does. 

It is like finding missing jigsaw pieces.  Astrology is simply working with nature, its natural forces and energy. 

It gives an insight into the mysteries of human nature both mine and, those I care about and some of those we read about!"

Linda Braithwaite-  Cheam, Surrey

"Discovering astrology at Ana's monthly workshops is like leisurely 
unwrapping a surprise gift. Ana teaches how Astrology is reflected in
out own and others' birth charts.

Over the months the group bonds and we progress at a pace that
makes sure we have fully understood each stage, while the handouts
form a comprehensive reference guide. The more we discover,
the more exciting it becomes!
Caroline Halfyard
New Malden, Surrey 
"Ana's workshops are fun. Learning about Astrology has helped me to
learn about myself and how I relate to others, especially in close
working relationships and partnerships. I am beginning to learn how
to read birth charts, which is fascinating. It always amazes me how
accurate the readings are. I have attended Ana's workshops for half
a year, she is a great teacher, patient and ready to answer my never
ending questions! Thre is so much to learn. It gives me an insight to
the great questions, who am I and what am I doing here!? I can't
wait to learn more!

Janine Whittle
Epsom, Surrey

"I first attended Ana's Astrological workshops last February and
continue this monthly. With Ana's enthusiastic teaching skills, I have
learn how a chart can be used as a map to interpret personality traits
and trends throughout the life cycle. Ana sets a working outline for
each workshop with objectives and outcomes. This includes such
activities as matching a particular planet or sign to its definition.

Ana reviews
and reinforces knowledge from previous workshops and
aids this with her personal print-outs of notes and definitions relevant
to each work
shop. She teaches us new objectives which are then put
into practice in interpreting our own personal chart.

We each work on two other particular charts, one of a friend or a
relative and another of a well known personality and give
give presentations, following what we have learnt previously and first

studied on our own chart

Ana sets out work to practi
ce at home, what has been learnt during
a given workshop. She gives advice on suitable authors, books and
website addresses, which
can further support our Astrological

Using DVDs, radio
recordings and articles about different well known
le, we can discover and discuss Astrological traits about them.

The workshops are intimate and by discussing and learning to
how to interpret charts, I find I have now gained a heightened sense
of self-awareness
, with deeper insight and feelings of personal
empowerment. In addition
, I have gained a greater, psychological
tanding of others around me."

Shirley Bradbury
Coulsdon, Surrey

"Ana is a very talented and skilled astrologer and teacher. She always puts in 110% into her work and her teaching and unfailing support has helped me grow and develop both personally and in my career."

Carmela Pengelly

"Ana is brilliant at what she does - she is an excellent psychologist
and links all of her work to human experience and emotion.
I have been on her courses which are always superbly planned and delivered with huge amounts of enthusiasm, I have seen her
present and capably engage an audience and I have also interviewed
her about storytelling technique - again ways of engaging an
audience and getting them involved in the subject.
I would definitely work with Ana again."

Jeni Whittaker








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