Ana Isabel - Life Astrologer

"Ana is a renowned astrologist, with a vast experience of both her subject and of working with the human soul. She is by nature a healer and the combination of her gifts as a person and the knowledge she has (both intellectual and intuitive) makes her a first class practitioner. She has an excellent track record in one to one work, teaching and broadcasting. Her guest appearances on LBC ( local London radio) were always booked up hour ahead - a sign of the great value the public have of even the short readings she did when people rang in. In short, Ana is an excellent astrologer, hypnotherapist and healer."
Mary Smail

"Ana and I have worked together using Astrology to highlight certain characteristics of the Zodiac signs. She has a calm and very caring manner, with the rare ability to actually listen when you're speaking. I love working with her!"
Mary English

"When my life is difficult and hard to accept, the struggle to find the acceptance is key. Ana's expertise always hit's the nail on the head and gives me the positivity I need to enjoy life as it is and appreciate all the good thing's I have and have had."
Loraine Taylor

"In my dealings with Ana, I always found her very reliable, with a deep knowledge of her subject, and always helpful and willing to go that extra mile."
Monika Dorre

"Ana Isabel gave me a astrology reading in her home which was hugely helpful for my personal life and career. I highly recommend her for her astrology readings."

Olivia Bradford

bumped into Ana at a Psychic Fair. 
Ana offered to prepare
a basic chart for me whilst I spent time looking
at the fair
I returned
some 20 minutes later for my reading.  I was so
impressed by Ana’s accuracy and her kind and gentle manner that
I subsequently emailed Ana and asked her to carry
out a more
detailed reading for me. 

With the most basic of information Ana drew up my birth chart
in great detail.  Again her accuracy impressed me, her ability
to understand me and to guide me impressed me enormously. 

Ana found me at the Psychic fair at a time in my life when I wasn’t
sure how my career should further or in which direction I should
travel.  She was able to put my mind at rest and guide me with
the information she gave me. 

Also, I had been given some worrying advice from a palmist
some 20 years earlier that had never left me.  The palmist’s
information had not come true.  Ana was able to reread this
information and accurately “correct” it for me.   

She took as much time as I needed to understand my own chart
and it’s reading and happily answered any question I put to her. 

Although I only met Ana for a short time I consider her to be
a friend. 

Thank you Ana.  … and I will keep in touch for further readings."

Sally from Hampshire
"I went to see Ana because I was rather curious about the whole idea
of having a birth chart drawn up, and hoped that it might help me
with s
ome decision making.

It was amazing, those decisions became so obvious and everything
Ana said about me really resonated in so many ways.
It has helped me to be a lot more accepting and understanding
of myself, which has been invaluable.
In many ways it was a wonderful
healing experience; helping me to identify and address patterns in my

life that had been limiting my choices- and I have to say I thought I'd seen
them all! Ana is so intuitive and skilled at conveying the information;
I found the reading to be truly inspiring.

I can't thank you enough! I think you have a wonderful gift."

Chris from Battersea
"Ana Isabel is one of the brightest people I've ever met.  Her energy
shines on the world like the stars she studies. 
Her presence and
attention made me feel lit up somehow, seen and touched on the
deepest level. 

That one astrological reading with Ana, illuminated and gave
me keys to set myself free of issues I struggled with all my life.  Ana didn't just offer an astoundingly comprehensive knowledge
of how the planets affected my lifestory,
she offered me a view
of myself in a compassionate and unconditionally loving light. 
I am different after my reading with Ana, she left me with a little
bit of her light in a way that is best summed up in one word. 


Louise Bailey London

"Ana is an exceptional professional who has amazing skill and technical knowledge. She is able to pick up on areas of development and hone her resources appropriately to provide a sensitive and clear path to improvement. She has made a real difference to my life and I will continue to consult with her as she is a trusted advisor. I have recommended to others and will continue to do so."

Sandra Charles, Surrey

Ana is a wonderful intuitive who has provided me with a number of astrological readings over the years that have been spot on. She comes from the heart."

Glynis Ferguson
Hong Kong

"Ana is a gifted Astrologer who gave me a penetrating and accurate reading on my family situation. We used this as a basis for several hypnotherapy sessions afterwards"

Karen Tibbo

"Ana Isabel's work has had a profound impact on my life.  In a short amount of time, I have already seen great results!  With her warm style and humor, I knew from the moment I worked with her that I trusted her immediately.  Her perceptions and understanding of astrology have been of great value to me, and it is nice to know that any time I need hypnotherapy, she is there. Her gifts will help where others have not.  I highly recommend her!"  

Max Gordon
New York

"Not only is Ana a brilliant astrologer she is an amazing hypnotherapist. 
Present Ana with a problem you are dealing with and you will find that Ana has the incredible ability to cut to the core of it and create a bespoke hypnotherapy recording for you.  By listening to your recording on a daily basis for up to a month you will find the problem dissolves and you will clearly see the reality of the situation. 
Ana has helped me overcome many issues created by past experiences with my parents and spouse in a very short time. I thoroughly recommend her to you."

Christine Parr

 "I cannot recommend Ana highly enough, she is very supportive and knowledgable. I have grown in awareness and understanding. No one could ask for a better guide on the path of self-discovery."

Rachel Fradgeley

"I originally wanted to see Ana because I was looking for an astrological reading. However, after we had spoken for a while, Ana thought that I would benefit from hypnotherapy. I was happy to be guided by her as I felt immediately that she had a very intuitive approach to dealing with people. Ana guided me in a very gentle and caring way to explore issues from my past and helped me on the path to making a number of number changes in my life. She used astrology as an additional tool to help me understand several  things about myself. As a result of seeing her for five sessions or so, I am able to feel much more positive and hopeful about the future. I felt very moved during the hypnotherapy sessions, but on no occasion did I feel that I was being led in a direction that felt inappropriate and I always felt in control of what was happening. I plan to see Ana again at some point in the future to look further at my birth chart."

Jo Buchanan


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