If you are unable to attend Ana's workshops but would like to learn about Astrology, Ana has devised a way to help you. You can either join one of her existing groups on skype or learn independently.

Over the last few years she has been creating a course designed to help students learn to read charts. She has divided the course into lessons which can be sent to you "On Line".

Each lesson includes  audio lectures, notes, worksheets, activities, your chart and any other chart that you might be working on, as well as assignments.

Having completed the work, you will then have a one and a half hour tutorial on skype to discuss any questions you might have as well as your assignments and the charts on which you are working. Each lesson is £50.

The pace at which you work is up to you. The idea is that you are able to fit this in around your other responsibilities.

You will also be able to choose the level at which you start. If  for example, you are confident in your knowledge of the planets in the signs, you might choose to start learning about the Houses, or Aspects. Ana will work with you to find the level which suits you best.

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