Ana Isabel - Life Astrologer
Ana Isabel

 Ana Isabel is a Psychological Astrologer with over a decades experience  of producing charts and delivering teaching programs on the subject.

She is influenced by Jungian fields of psychology and combines this with Astrology to provide a learning and  healing experience for those seeking guidance.

More recently, Ana has qualified as an Analytical hypnotherapist at the Hypnotherapy Training Institute of Britain. Ana is now combining Astrological readings and Hypnotherapy to help clients.

Ana has also trained as a Past Life Therapist with the Kew School of Regression Training. This is part of the Past Lives Therapists Association.

Ana Isabel has lived in the UK  since the early 90's, having  resided in both Lisbon and Toronto where she first started working in the Radio industry. Since then, she has spent  some challenging years working as a Teacher in inner London, and also as a special needs Teacher for troubled children. In the mid 90's she returned to work in Radio as a Presenter, Writer & Producer for the BBC World Service, where she had the opportunity to broadcast educational  programs all over the Planet !  It was during this time, that she began developing a deeper knowledge and  understanding of Astrological studies and practice. 




Nowadays, alongside her Astrological consultancy and her work as a Hypnotherapist and Past Life Therapist, she runs regular workshops designed to help individuals gain a better understanding of themselves.

Ana also gives talks to groups and organisations around the UK, about various aspects of Astrology and Hypnotherapy and Reincarnation. These are tailored to the event and the audience’s knowledge of the subject. Her experience as a Radio Presenter and  Teacher ensures that these are always interesting and lively.




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