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Ana Isabel can produce  Astrology Chart Readings to suit differing needs. 

Each Chart is interpreted  personally, and not by a computer ! 






Birth Charts
The first and most popular is the Birth Chart, also known as a Life or Natal Chart.

This is a Chart drawn up for the clients time,  date and place of birth and is entirely unique to them.

Birth Charts are like a "blueprint map" for our lives and illuminate our personalities, whilst at the same time, showing the various life situations we are likely to encounter.    

Often the time of birth is not known and if this is the case, there are techniques available for creating a workable Birth Chart.

The Birth Chart is personally created by Ana Isabel and not by a computer, and the Reading that follows runs between one to one and a half hours.  

Chart Readings can take place either in person or by phone / skype, to suit the client.

They are recorded and you will receive a copy.


A Birth Chart Reading  is very useful for clients who want to take a look at their lives, discover strengths and weaknesses and develop their full potential in the future.

This type of chart reading is also helpful for clients who are perhaps going through a difficult time in life and need some clarification and guidance that will shed some light on the current issues.


A Birth Chart Reading is £90


Short Readings
If  you would just like to have a quick reading to get some guidance or answer a question, Ana can do shorter reading.

A half hour Reading is £50

Solar Return and Yearly Forecasts During a birth chart reading, Ana will have a look to see what might be happening in the year for you.

However this is not the main focus of the reading. If you would like a year's forecast, this is a separate reading as Ana will focus on your Solar Return Chart, as well as Transits and Progressions.

Solar Return charts are done for the moment when the Sun is once again in the the exact same part of the sky as it was when you were born, ie. your birthday. These charts provide an insightful and revealing look at the themes which are going to be important to you until your next birthday.

A Forecast Reading is £90


Relationship Charts
Ana Isabel can also produce  Astrological Relationship Charts, known as Synestry Charts. 

These are created to explore the dynamic that occurs between people. Commonly used for close personal  relationships, they can also be used to understand business partners and associates.


A Relationship Chart Reading is £90


Parent & Child Charts
Another type of Chart which proves popular, is the preparation of an Astrological  Chart for a child.

This makes for a thoughtful gift for interested parents, grand parents, relatives or friends and can be  a constructive guide in helping the developing child to reach its potential.  


A Parent & Child's Chart Reading is £90

Please contact Ana Isabel directly if you would like to commission any of the Chart readings from the above choices.


"I bumped into Ana at a Psychic Fair.  Ana offered to prepare
a basic chart for me whilst I spent time looking
at the fair
I returned
some 20 minutes later for my reading.  I was so
impressed by Ana’s accuracy and her kind and gentle manner that
I subsequently emailed Ana and asked her to carry
out a more
detailed reading for me. 

With the most basic of information Ana drew up my birth chart
in great detail.  Again her accuracy impressed me, her ability
to understand me and to guide me impressed me enormously. 

Ana found me at the Psychic fair at a time in my life when I wasn’t
sure how my career should further or in which direction I should
travel.  She was able to put my mind at rest and guide me with
the information she gave me. 

Also, I had been given some worrying advice from a palmist
some 20 years earlier that had never left me.  The palmist’s
information had not come true.  Ana was able to reread this
information and accurately “correct” it for me.   

She took as much time as I needed to understand my own chart
and it’s reading and happily answered any question I put to her. 

Although I only met Ana for a short time I consider her to be
a friend. 

Thank you Ana.  … and I will keep in touch for further readings."

Sally from Hampshire

"I went to see Ana because I was rather curious about the whole idea 
of having a birth chart drawn up,
and hoped that it might help me
with s
ome decision making.
It was amazing, those decisions became so obvious and everything Ana said about me really resonated in so many ways.
It has helped me to be a lot more accepting and understanding
of myself, which has been invaluable.
In many ways it was a wonderful healing experience; helping me 
to identify and address patterns in my life
that had been limiting my
choices - and I have to say I thought I'd seen them all!
Ana is so intuitive and skilled at conveying the information;
I foun
d the reading to be truly inspiring. I can't thank you enough! I think you have a wonderful gift!"
Chris from Battersea 
"Ana Isabel is one of the brightest people I've ever met.  Her energy shines on the world like the stars she studies.  Her presence and attention made me feel lit up somehow, seen and touched on the deepest level.  That one astrological reading with Ana, illuminated and gave me keys to set myself free of issues I struggled with all my life.  Ana didn't just offer an astoundingly comprehensive knowledge of how the planets affected my lifestory, she offered me a view of myself in a compassionate and unconditionally loving light.  I am different after my reading with Ana, she left me with a little bit of her light in a way that is best summed up in one word.  Release."

Louise Bailey London

"Ana is an exceptional professional who has amazing skill and technical knowledge. She is able to pick up on areas of development and hone her resources appropriately to provide a sensitive and clear path to improvement. She has made a real difference to my life and I will continue to consult with her as she is a trusted advisor. I have recommended to others and will continue to do so.

Sandra Charles


"Ana is a wonderful intuitive who has provided me with a number of astrological readings over the years that have been spot on. She comes from the heart."

Glynis Ferguson
Hong Kong

"Ana is a gifted Astrologer who gave me a penetrating and accurate reading on my family situation. We used this as a basis for several hypnotherapy sessions afterwards"

Karen Tibbo
























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