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Recent Interviews

BBC Radio Kent with Matthew Davies. Ana discusses Astrology and how it works.

Part One

  Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

BBC Radio London with Simon Lederman. Ana discusses Hypnotherapy.

Ana and Simon

BBC Radio Jersey. In September on Carrie and Sara's show. On this show, Ana talked about the benefits of gardening in tune with the Moon.

BBC Radio Jersey. 5th January on Carrie and Sara's show.

On this show Ana looks at what is coming up for the 12 signs this year.

Part One
Part Two
Part Three

BBC Radio London 16th of October on Jeni Barnett's show.

On this show Ana answers calls from listeners about different aspects of their lives.

Part One

Part Two

Ana and Jeni. Jeni being unusually camera shy.

Ana and Jeni. Jeni feeling more like her extrovert self.

BBC Radio London 28th of August on Jeni Barnett's show.

Ana answers listener's questions about fresh starts, relationships and other issues in their lives.

BBC Radio London 17 of July on Jeni Barnett's show.

Ana answers listeners' questions about compatibility during the summer holidays as well as other issues that are on their minds.

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

BBC Radio London 29 of May on Jeni Barnett's show. Ana explains some of the principles behind Biodynamics.

  Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Ana with Jeni, who is enjoying strawberries that Ana brought in from her allotment.

Ana with Esther, the show's  great Producer.

BBC Radio London 22nd of April on Jeni Barnett's show. Ana and Jeni discuss Biodynamics.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Ana and Jeni talking about the influence of the Moon in gardening.

BBC Radio London 10th of April on Jeni Barnett's show.

  Part 1

  Part 2

  Part 3

Ana and Jeni enjoying the chance to talk about Astrology.

Ana, Jeni and lovely Producer Esther sharing a light moment!

Discussing the "Super" Moon of 19th March 2011 on
BBC Radio Jersey.

LBC Clive Bull show on 2nd of January. Ana explains some of the issues we will have to grapple this year.

Also in January, there were reports in the media that Astronomers were claiming that Astrologers should be using a 13th sign to me more accurate in their work. They claimed that the Zodiac as Astrologers use it is incorrect and that people's signs might be completely different. Ana was asked to shed light on this confusion in an interview with Radio Jersey and later on LBC.

BBC Radio Jersey.

- BBC Radio Jersey Interview

LBC Radio

- LBC- with Nick Abbot

BBC Radio


 Ana appears regularly on BBC Local Radio, promoting the understanding and appreciation of Astrology, via PhoneIns with interested listeners.

Stations she has been most often heard on with regular appearences are BBC Radio Kent, Sussex, Solent and Jersey. She has also appeared occasionally on BBC Radio London, Somerset, Devon and Cornwall.

Ana with Pat Marsh on BBC Radio Kent

Ana Isabel on the Charlie Crocker show on BBC Radio Kent.                



        LBC Radio 97.3fm




Ana Isabel has also appeared regularly on the London based commercial Radio Station LBC 97.3fm. 

In 2005 she was heard each week on the Peter Deeley Show, creating Birth Chart Readings and followed on in 2006 on the Caroline Faraday Show.

The weekly guest spot enabled her to reach a wide audience and to help callers with their

conns and life issue

Last year, she appeared on the Caroline Feraday Show as a guest Astrologer on her weekend

show,  and with Becky Walsh on the Psychic Show.


Listeners were invited to text or email throgram with questions about their relationships,

or for a "thumbnail"  Birth Chart Reading. This gave her an opportunity to talk about Astrology  

Radio St. Helier

 Ana Isabel was also be heard on Radio St. Helier.  This is a hospital radio network that transmits it's programs to St. Helier Hospital and Epsom General Hospitals in Surrey. 

Here she talks about the different Signs, Planets and Houses of the Zodiac, and what they illustrate and mean for our lives.






Last  year the magazine Spirit and Destiny did a feature about Ana's workshops.

You can find it on Spirit and Destiny page. Ana has also contributed to Vision magazine.

 Ana will is also contributing to Kindred Spirit Magazine this year.



This is an article printed in the South-West London Guardian, featuring

Ana Isabel and her Astrological Workshops.















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